While the shutter and curtain combo has traditionally reigned, a move toward minimalism has sparked a shutter-only trend. Going curtainless showcases the clean appeal of shutters.

Shutters all alone can look stunning when done thoughtfully. Here are some of the benefits to shutters solo:

Streamlined look

Shutters on their own have a crisp, seamless aesthetic. Their simplified look gives a room an airy, uncluttered feel. This suits modern and minimalist spaces beautifully.

Spotlights architectural details

Without curtains competing for attention, shutters solo place emphasis on the windows themselves and their architectural details. This celebrates intricate stained glass or ornate trim.

Lets in natural light

With no curtains blocking rays, shutters allow sunlight to stream in unfiltered. This brightens spaces naturally for an uplifting mood.

Easy maintenance

Skipping curtains eliminates the need to constantly adjust them, launder them and press wrinkled fabric. Shutters on their own require minimal fuss.

Cost effective

Only buying shutters saves on the additional materials and labor costs curtains add. Achieving a finished look for less keeps projects within budget.

Modern appeal

The unadorned look of shutter-only windows exudes a sleek, contemporary vibe fitting current design trends favoring simplicity.

For the right room, shutter-only windows make a gorgeous, fuss-free statement.