Tips for selecting breathable windows

Breathable windows originated in the European royal family. At that time, there were no glass windows in the palace. Solid wood breathable windows were installed in the lower half of the windows, filling the room with fresh air and precious sunlight. They can be folded up and integrated with palace decorations when not in use.

Tips for selecting breathable windows

Breathable window is a type of door and window decoration with a louver structure. Unlike blinds, it has a more sturdy and stable structure, which can control light, improve room privacy, decorate, and protect against adverse weather. In modern times, people mainly choose breathable windows for the first three reasons. Breathable windows are more popular in Europe and America, and are a high-end door and window decoration.

Classification of breathable windows

1. According to shape and structure, it can be divided into rectangular (regular type), arched, circular/semi-circular, bay type, peacock screen type, sliding door, French door, etc.

2. According to material classification: solid wood air windows, plastic air windows, bamboo air windows, aluminum alloy air windows, etc.

Structure of breathable windows

The structure of the breathable window varies depending on its shape and purpose. Generally, it consists of hardware components such as outer frame, blades, frame, upper and lower baffle (frame), middle partition, pull rod, T-pillar, and hinge. If it is a sliding door, it also comes with tracks and related accessories.

Tips for selecting breathable windows

1. Check if the gap between the profile and accessories is tight and if the sliding is smooth. Balcony windows with poor quality and design often produce significant noise and a rough feel when the window sashes slide.
2. Are safe solid pneumatic steel rivets used. Some manufacturers use ordinary steel rivets to reduce costs, which can cause frameless balcony windows to loosen or even fall off over time.
3. Has the glass passed the mandatory national safety certification. Due to the lack of a central vertical frame for frameless balcony windows, there is a high demand for glass, and some manufacturers use ordinary tempered glass, even semi tempered glass, to reduce costs.
4. Whether the manufacturer's technology is professional and reliable, and whether the after-sales service is complete and guaranteed. There are high requirements for the design, production, and installation of frameless balcony windows, such as some balconies with staggered heights. If the manufacturer's technology is not up to standard, it is difficult to handle them properly; There is also a comprehensive after-sales service, which is the cornerstone of quality assurance for frameless balcony windows.